Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Problem

My dad always taught me "You have to work hard to get where you want.". "Not everything is about the money" " All you need in life is peace, love, and happiness."
Why can the world talk about the child starving in Haiti and then worry about Justin Beiber's new song. How can we debate about economics one day and then increase tax the next. A president who talks about peace wars his whole time in office.  People think the world can be fixed by making it "green" eating healthy and removing chemicals from our food. The human race has found a way to blame all the problems on pollution and chemicals such as "high fructose" corn syrup. Let me ask you this. IF we remove all the pollution and the chemicals and other harmful things out of our food would our problems be solved? Will the child in Somalia have food to eat? Will it stop a husband who is clinically depressed stop from shooting his wife and children? Will saving our planet save us?


What is wrong with our world? During this blog I shall go over the reasons why our world is the way it is and how we can fix it. A question asked by many people. Recently I watched the film "I am". The movie made me start thinking about the true problems, and maybe, just maybe  reach a few people.